Struggling to find Epic EPR expertise that keeps your organisation moving forward?

Our heritage as hospital operators gives you the Epic consulting, support and staffing resources you need.

Forward-Thinking Expertise for Complex Healthcare Operations

The changing landscape of healthcare means that leveraging your Epic platform at maximum potential requires equal parts strategy and resources to get it done. Here, you’ll find a deeply experienced team of Epic consultants that understand highly-customised Epic environments. You can get operational approaches for running Epic with other EPRs in a health system and work with a partner that functions as part of your own organisation.

The Power of Perspective

Deliver new capabilities and transform more efficiently through a partnership that is powered by the perspective of hospital operations, Epic certification, clinical experience, and proven success.  

For years, practices, hospitals, and health systems have turned to us for Epic expertise as technologists and hospital operators. Deliver new capabilities and transform faster by tapping into our deep set of capabilities.

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All-star Epic Expertise

We provide deep expertise across the Epic electronic medical records ecosystem, including Hyperdrive, Rover, telehealth, reporting and analyticsand payor integrationOur experts possess direct in-hospital experience, multiple certifications, and practical approaches that complement your team and help you win. 

Third-Party Integration and Governance

Streamline successfully with a team who has worked in numerous multi-EPR scenarios with a wide range of clinical third-party applications

Community Connect Support

Reduce the burden of Community Connect support with a partner who can meet your unique needs with practical guidance and resources.

Prepare for success

Ensure your next step with Epic is on budget, on time, clinical ready, and a great experience for patients and providers.

Whether a transition from another EPR, integration, addition of a new facility or specialty, our Epic experience and certified analysts can help advise you on the best way to accomplish what’s next.  

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Epic Advisory and Transition Services

Facing a shift to Epic from another EPR, or adding a new clinical specialty or population? Our experts can help you navigate the complexities of a new system, understand foundational decisions, and help you avoid common pitfalls of an EPR transition.  

Epic Project Planning, Budgeting, and Governance

Setup for success with project planning, budgeting, and oversight that leverage experts across clinical modules and proven project managers resulting in realistic plans that  optimise your resources.

System Selection and Roadmap Consulting

Ready to conquer the challenge of transitioning to HyperdriveConsidering third-party software or implementing Epic functionality for a new use case? Base your transition plan on experience acquired at numerous organisations with highly successful projects and user adoption.

Leap forward with Epic

We can help you accelerate Epic system success and drive adoption. 

Bring confidence to your providers and staff with Epic services informed by decades of implementation, optimisation, and upgrade experience. 

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Project Management Design and Execution
Our experienced resources and proven tools can help you from project planning, change management, assessment, testing and validation, to application training, physician adoption and go-live. 
Outpatient Practice and Hospital Rollouts
Gain a rollout plan and team that is realistic, cost-effective and stacked with experienced Epic professionals. 
Paediatric and Specialty Expansions
Expand on your Epic success with experts ready to design and integrate workflows for new patient populations and facilities such as paediatrics.
Upgrades and Refreshes
Our team's upgrade methodology and toolsets result in seamless upgrades, value-add optimisation, and dramatically quiet support centres. 
Specialised Epic Resources for Staff Augmentation
Expand the capacity of your team with temporary staff members who can add specialised knowledge to Epic projects. Our team is highly successful in resourcing talent and working in collaboration with stakeholders.  
Technical Services
Ensure a seamless go-live with technical assessment, readiness and testing, interface development, and build-out that accounts for the speed of healthcare and highly integrated environments. Rely on experienced experts to get the details right and within budget. 

Use Epic with confidence

Realise all Epic can do for your patients and providers.

Modernise your health system’s workflows and optimise your resources with robust Epic functionality that transforms patient experiences and satisfies physicians. 

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System Maintenance
Need help with the routine care and optimisation of the Epic system? Talk to our team about how we can help fill internal resource gaps and keep your systems thriving. 
Regulatory Compliance, Reporting, and Analytics
Bring new leadership team understanding – and support – for your IT team with reports that represent improved workflows and satisfaction ratings in an Epic only or multi-EPR environment. 
Epic Help Desk Services
With Epic-certified agents on every level of our help desk, we focus on call resolution, quality service, and provider and patient satisfaction. Whether your organisation needs nights and weekends or full-time support for IT help desk, MyChart Portal, or Epic Clinical service, our team is a proven partner in delivering high quality support, operational efficiencies, and end-user satisfaction. 

Why We are the Link to Life-Saving Care

One of our own shares her perspective on why CereCore delivers a unique value to Epic-based organisations.
Doctor with patient at the bedside

Epic Made Easy

Epic comes with a ton of capability and usability across a multitude of patient care facilities and specialties. But it takes a cross-team approach to cut through the complexity and maximise this platform’s powerful features.

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