Technical and Cloud Services that Help You Transform

Let healthcare technology do the heavy lifting

When healthcare IT infrastructure becomes too much to handle, turn to us. Our technical services professionals can help you integrate applications and data and achieve business continuity -- reliably and securely.

IT Design and Deployment

Build the future, today. 

You can speed the delivery of new IT capabilities with the support of our IT experts. Get specialised expertise to transform efficiently and at clinical standards. 

  • IT project planning and management
  • Network design and engineering
  • Applications readiness and testing

Data and Interoperability


Clinical Healthcare Data Reporting, Automation, and Interoperability Made Easy

You have the power to deliver essential data for clinical care decisions. Accomplish this by making sure systems are designed to perform in worst-case scenarios, join up data across the organization, and ensure data integrity faster and easier.

  • Disaster recovery and backups
  • Reporting and analytics services 
  • Scripting and data automation
  • Data extraction and migration

Business Continuity and Cloud

Conquer digital transformation, optimise or migrate your data centers to the cloud.

With our experience in hospital operations, we know how critical it is to save and store data properly and to test disaster recovery plans so your staff can resume system use quickly. Whether you choose to migrate, streamline, or take data centers virtual, we help design, deploy and manage:

  • Data center compute and storage planning
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Cloud and data migration

Modernise more efficiently

Many of the health systems we partner with make progress within their first few weeks of working with us. Talk to us about your priorities and goals.

Smiling nurse holding tablet computer checks in on patient